Manila file folders

Choose from a variety of manila folder types including short body, 2TAB, Half Cut and TAB’s standard file folder design. TAB’s standard folders are designed to provide an inch of space in both paper dimensions, ensuring that your important documents are protected from wear and tear. The double ply side tab provides extra strength where other folders often break down.

Shop more than 40 different manila folder options with TAB.

Storing, finding, and using your records and information is critical for any business. A manila folder is a classic in the world of filing. Whether you work in architecture and design, energy, finance, government, healthcare, or law firms, TAB manila folders are perfect for keeping your files secure.

Choose from standard legal or letter size file folders, in top tab end tab, 2TAB and classification manila folder styles, to keep your files organized. Leveraging TAB’s manila folders can help you save money, increase efficiency, and protect your documents from damage. All our manila folders are high-quality and made with the utmost care to ensure the safe keeping of your records and files.

Why choose TAB’s manila file folders:

  • Varying manila folder styles include short body, 2TAB, half cut, and standard file folder designs.
  • Choose between single-ply tabs or reinforced double-ply tabs if you need extra strength for your file folder needs.
  • Three stock weight options are available for TAB manila folders: 11 pt., 14 pt., and our heavy-duty 18 pt.
  • Select the tab position that works best for how you organize your documents. Choose between top tab, 1/3 cut top tab, top tab center position, top tab left position, top tab right position, side tab, expansion end tab, side tab upper position, and side tab lower position to match your filing system.
  • Different configurations and folder accessories can help make you more organized. Get fastener folders, expansion folders, and divider folders. Use them as classification folder alternatives or to keep certain documents together within a single folder.

The name of the game is organization. And there is no better option in the filing game than a manila folder from TAB.