Expansion filing pockets

TAB’s heavy-duty expansion pockets are the ideal solution for reaching maximum filing capacity, with expansions up to 5 ¼” in a variety of materials & colors, and letter or legal sizes. Using a virtually indestructible Tyvek® gusset with reinforced tape for extra strength, these 22pt expansion pockets last for the full lifecycle of a record.

Shop heavy-duty expansion pockets and get a little extra storage with TAB.

Sometimes you need to guarantee the storage of a file for years. You need assurance it will remain safe throughout the entirety of its lifecycle – however long it is. With TAB’s heavy-duty expanding file pocket folders, you feel confident your critical records are securely stored.

With a virtually indestructible construction, TAB’s expanding file pockets allow you to increase your storage options. When you need maximum filing capacity, the 5 1/4 expanding file pockets ensure you never run out of space to store your vital documents. These expanding file pockets suit any industry – architecture and design, energy, finance, government, healthcare, or law firms.

Why choose TAB’s expansion pockets:

  • TAB’s expansion pocket folders come in legal size and letter size. Both sizes can feature side tab, end tab, top tab, and 2TAB options.
  • Four stock weight options are available for TAB expansion pocket folders: 11 pt., heavy-duty 22 pt., heavy-duty 28 pt., and super heavy-duty 42pt. The heavy-duty stock helps prevent damage or loss of your important files.
  • The expansion pockets come in 11 color options – manilla, goldenrod, white, blue, green, gray, canary, orange, pink, red, and lavender.
  • Store more files over time with 1 ½”, 1 ¾”, 3 ½”, and 5 ¼” expansion pocket options.
  • More than 30 configurations with various features and accessories can help make you more organized. For example, increase security and document integrity with an expansion pocket with a flap.

The name of the game is organization. And there is no better option in the filing game than an expansion pocket from TAB.